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They ended up in a dark hallway. A few fledglings milled around. They snapped to attention at the sight of their lord. Moreover, they are confused at the apparent human that was with him, a human that was being treated very well.

His personal servant ran up to him.

"My lord Raziel," he said, "We got a letter from your sire, we've been looking for you for an hour. Where have you been?"

Raziel looked at the man contemptuously.

In the depths of the keep screams could he heard.

"What is it now?" asked Raziel.


They enter his chambers and find a large man standing by the window. This is Kain.

Oh crap. Not now.
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Raziel stepped away from the door and found himself in a Nosgoth that was familiar to him but not the one he had left.

He was in Nosgoth at the height of Kain's rule. Great...

Raziel turned to go back throught the door and found it locked. He was stuck. He wandered out into the land that he had long ago been exicuted in.

Raziel found his way to the towers and in doing so placed himself long before he had evolved the wings he now had. Good, at least he wouldn't have to watch himself be executed. Now he just needed to figure out what to do with himself till he could get to a time streaming device.


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